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The ravages of time can be a cruel mistress for the Hollywood starlets desperately trying to preserve their youthful exuberance. 

Still, it seems that Rachel Bilson – FOREVER Summer Roberts to us – isn't a mere mortal.

That's because, and close-to a decade after the The OC wrapped up (we're still not over it) she looks the exact same.


Love seeing this beauty @jennaldewan for @target #catandjack #targetpartner

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Indeed, while hitting a chic Target fashion event in New York with BFF and wife of Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Rachel looked all sorts of totally gorge. 

Although the actress, now 34, maintains that she's decidedly low-key when it comes to a beauty routine since the birth of her daughter 18months ago.

Chatting to Allure magazine recently, she said: “In my own life, it’s a little bit of mascara, a little Chapstick, and I’m ready to go. 

“Maybe I’ll add a little eyeliner in there to spice things up. Maybe a little bronzer.”

She added that her daughter, whom she and her long-term actor partner Hayden Christensen, 35, named Briar Rose, doesn't even recognise her is she's sporting a lot of slap.

“If I ever have anything on – like if I have mascara on – my daughter just stares at me for, like, five minutes: ‘Who are you?’ Ms Bilson laughed.



We love a celebrity mini-me around these parts – it seems if you have good genes (as most famous folk do), they're readily passed down to the next generation (lucky next generation).

We're going to guess too that any offspring of the OC's Rachel Bilson and her long-term partner, Star Wars star Hayden Christensen, will be no different – though a recent Instagram post has only hinted at the cuteness of their baby daughter. 

Sharing the very first picture of ten-month old Briar Rose, only the little one's back and hat-clad head can be viewed.  

However, there is no denying that this is one seriously adorable snap-shot, not to mention that 34-year-old Hayden (to think that we'd almost – almost – forgotten about him) looks like a bit of a hottie himself.

Rachel, 33, is known for keeping her life incredibly private so we're not surprised she didn't show her daughter in full view – indeed, this is the very first glimpse of the child that we've been given.

Rachel must be in the mood for sharing too: she furthermore posted a snap of an adorable kiss with her beau – also something of a rare public occurrence. 

Baby Briar, who is named after Disney's Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, was born last October; her parents have been together for eight years after meeting on the set of Jumper

It seems that things are all very much back on track for this picture-perfect family. Ms Bilson and Mr Christensen actually got engaged back in 2010, but later that year split up.

Still, it wasn't long before they were back in each other's arms, although they've since put the wedding on hold indefinitely.

Rachel gushed about a boyfriend to a recent edition of Health magazine, saying: "This is my partner, my support, just there for me no matter what. And vice versa."