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 So a few weeks back, we decided to set up a SHEmazing Spotify account – because we just love good tunes. 

We created a playlist that was made of up of songs by some of our favourite females, from TLC to Dua Lipa. 

We had so much fun making the playlist, and sharing it with you – so we've decided to make a new playlist! 

We did a poll on Facebook, asking you gorgeous humans if you'd prefer a gym playlist or a boy band one.

In a not-so-shocking twist, the boy bands won out, and so we got to work! 

We'd like to introduce you to 'Boyband Lovin', the perfect compilation of all your favourite fellas.

We included some of the most iconic 90s hits from The Backstreet Boys and NSync, as well as some tunes from the likes of Blue and Westlife. 

We'll be doing a few polls in the coming weeks to ask you all what we should add to the boy band playlist. 

Enjoy, ladies! 


Well, this news has thrown some boy bands into an absolute meltdown.

While no one seems to be 100 per cent certain if this is just pure rumour or it there is some truth to it, boyband fans are still getting completely worked up about the possibility.

A former Boyzone star sent fans into an intense frenzy when he took to Facebook and posted a very cryptic (and possibly very cruel) message.

The singer posted a throwback photo of Boyzone and another very famous Irish boyband Westlife.

#musicmonday just a quick look at some old-times… These 2 young Irish groups made there mark on the world.. Although…

Posted by Shane Lynch on Monday, 19 October 2015


He appeared to be dropping the hint that the two bands would soon be joining forces for what fans are imagining would be the most epic tour of all time.

If you are a boyband fan that is.

"MAYBE ITS TIME to join forces and do one of the biggest tour's we have ever seen… #justsaying," he wrote.

Just three years ago, Westlife called it quits after their farewell tour *sob*, Markus Feehily revealed only last week that there was to be little hopes of a reunion for the lads.

Boyzone originally split in 1999, but reformed once more in 2007. Now, Shane has whipped fans of both groups into quite the frenzy and we’re just dying to see how this all plays out.