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When we say ‘England,’ what do we immediately think of? Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and… Kate Middleton’s hair!

The Duchess of Cambridge’s luscious locks have managed to become a national treasure in their own right.

It is not her adventurous styles that captivate the world, but more so the mind-boggling consistency of her hair’s perfection.

While K Middy is famous for sporting her now iconic curly blow-dry look, she branched out over the weekend for the christening of her youngest child, the adorable Princess Charlotte.

To celebrate the Duchess’s branch out from tradition, let’s take a look at Kate’s ten best hair moments. 

Kate at Princess Charlotte's Christening sporting a stunning up-do

The Duchess at Wimbledon today where she has revealed shorter layers and lighter highlights 

Her hair even stayed this perfect against beach winds when the Royal couple visited Australia last year 

Their tour continued into New Zealand with Kate rocking the perfect ponytail (and Alexander McQueen dress)

K Middy's hair was as stunning as ever after they announced her first pregnancy with Prince George in 2012

She first gained attention with an up-do in 2012 when she styled her hair with pearl-topped pins for tea at the British High Commission

Kate's sleek hair was absolute perfection on her wedding day in 2011 

Prior to the wedding, her stunning curls had seen a little more volume 

The mother-of-two's locks were at their best at her official engagement party to husband, Prince William. 

Kate proves that her infamous hair was always something to be admired in this throwback photo. 



Today Nicole Kidman is celebrating her 48th birthday. The Oscar-winning actress is celebrating not only her birthday, but three decades in Hollywood as well.

Nominated twice, and winning the Oscar for her performance in The Hours, Ms Kidman truly is one of the most iconic women in the movie industry.

And why else is she one of the most iconic women today? Why, that hair of course!

From Days of Thunder to Moulin Rouge, this strawberry blonde bombshell has rocked some pretty fantastic looks.

Here are some of the most iconic moments from Nicole’s hair evolution.

Nicole in the '80s – they are some SERIOUS curls

When she starred alongside ex-husband Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut

Our most loved Nicole film – and hair do – Moulin Rouge!

Nicole's shocking transformation in The Hours

Nicole winning her Oscar for The Hours

At the 2011 Oscars, where she was nominated for Rabbit Hole

Nicole at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival