Anyone who has read (or more realistically – devoured) Caitlin Moran’s How To Build A Girl knows that this coming-of-age book is going to be a stellar movie.

However, translating books to the screen is always a tricky business, mainly due to the casting.

If you get it right, everything slots into place, but if you get it wrong? Boy, the whole plot can just come crashing down. 

But we are pleasantly surprised with the choice of Beanie Feldstein as the protagonist, Wolverhampton native Johanna Morrigan. 

You might recognise Beanie as Saoirse Ronan's BFF in Ladybird but she is all ready to step into a leading role. 

Caitlin is clearly on board with this casting, replying to Beanie's tweet with, ''my timeline has just been FULL OF LOVE for you today – the womansphere has been alerted to your incoming EXPLOSION of glory and I am so, so, so thrilled to be doing this with you. OH MY GOD IT'S REAL!!!!!!'' 

Reactions to the news were overwhelmingly positive to the 25-year-old as the choice to play Johanna. 

One wrote about the LA-native's announcement, ''I love Beanie Feldstein. She's perfect for this. But can she do an English accent?'' 

The film will follow the book's plot: it's 1990 and 14-year-old Johnna has created an alter ego, Dolly Wilde, after embarrassing herself on on local TV. 

Part autobiographical, it follows Johanna as Dolly who, by 16, is smoking,drinking, writing for a music paper and exploring her burgeoning sexuality. 

The cast also includes Paddy Considine as Johnna's dad and Sarah Soleman as her mum.

On top of that, Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen will play John Kite, an older rock star whom Johanna falls madly in love with.

We are REALLY looking forward to this one!!