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Muddy puddles, queues, and sore feet – not to mention alarmingly empty wallets (taxi fares and €10-a-pop G&Ts will do that): let’s face it, a night out in Dublin town tests even the hardiest of party souls.

Sure thing – it has its perks. However, for the foreseeable future (especially with Yuletide celebrations in the offing) our coveted after-work drinks and get-togethers are getting a MAJOR overhaul.

Because from lovely bar staff to cosy clothing, there are five ways that suburban socialising totally trumps town every time…


1) You can legitimately ‘go for one’:

Let’s be honest – if you’re out in town, you’re properly ‘out out’. And no matter how good your intentions, before you know it it’s 2am and you’re ordering a large taco chips baguette with extra mayo. #TheShame.

2) You’ll save a load of cash:

A taxi to and from the city centre coupled with the eye-watering prices venues there charge for drinks makes an excursion into town anything but cheap. The alternative? The Crystal Bar at Sandyford’s Beacon Hotel – it’s seriously chic (the interior is particularly WOW) without being stuffy and the 4pm-7pm offers on wine, draft beers and cocktails are pretty unbeatable too.

3) Mid-week soirees are perfectly reasonable:

Town on a Tuesday? Surely not! But by staying local, any day of the week is a perfectly reasonable, respectable, and indeed refined for a quiet get together, girlie chats, and catch-ups with your colleagues.

4) The bar-staff are just… waaay nicer:

We don’t blame town-based staff for being a bit gruff – not least at this time of year. After all, their place-of-work is constantly jammers and sweaty, AND they have to contend with endless streams of, ahem, animated lads and lassies. Which is why when it comes to unwinding after a long day, your local spot is a far better bet.

5) You don’t have to go super fancy pants:

A pair of jeans with flats and a snug jumper – or whatever you happen to have on in the office earlier that day; a suburban soiree puts so much less pressure on our already-stressed wardrobes. Hurrah!

The candlelight-filled Crystal Bar in Sandyford’s Beacon Hotel is a gorgeously fabulous location for after-work get-togethers, friendly chats and chilled-out soirees. You can find out more here



It's Ireland; it's July; you've managed to get tickets to one of the capital's most in-demand music gigs – oh, and you'll be catching some horse-racing beforehand.

Suffice to say that's an itinerary that would make many of us break out in a cold sweat of pure wardrobe fear.

What. To. Wear.

Still, we can certainly take inspiration from Michele McGrath – who was this week at Leopardstown for the Bulmers Live event. 

Catching Jack L on stage, the model was on hand to judge the Dare To Be Different style event: you get dressed up, head along to the south Dublin racecourse and enjoy the on-course action followed by a festival-style music gig.

Up next on Thursday July 14 is Hermitage Green, followed by Booka Brass Band [July 21], The Strypes [August 4], and The Boomtown Rats [August 11].

And Dare To Be Different, sponsored by the Beacon Hotel, will run for the entire Bulmers Live schedule.

There are fabulouso prizes up for grabs on each evening too: penthouse overnight stays, dinner parties and cocktail making classes (major swoons all round, so). 

As well as emulating Michele's look, the rest of the celebrity judges (Lisa Fitzpatrick, Alan Hughes, Lorraine Keane, Triona McCarthy, and Holly White) say they are looking for contestants "to showcase their alternative concepts with a unique statement in style.

"We are not looking for classic race day fashion but alternative concepts outside those that are traditionally associated with best dressed race day fashion. We want you to showcase your individual, unique, innovative style and dare to be different!" 

You can find out more about Bulmers Live here, and about Dare To Be Different here