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Have you been missing your favourite TV show after its explosive season finale last week? Well fret not, as this adorable remake using pugs is going to fill that emptiness in your soul. Fair enough, it doesn’t go into any plot details, nor does it have an actual script, but just look at them!  We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but we think it could be better than the original.



To celebrate National Storytelling week (Feb 1st-8th), famous books were recreated starring cute babies – they knew that would get our attention!

Look how impossibly adorable all these little babies are dressed up as our favourite characters.

Richard Mayfield, creative director of Venture Photography who created the adorable images spoke of the importance of stories in children’s lives; “Stories play a huge part in childhood, helping to develop creative imaginations as well as reading skills”.

1. Alice in Wonderland

reading baby 2

2. Harry Potter

Reading babay 1

3. Winnie the Pooh

reading baby 3

4. The Wizard of Oz

reading baby 5

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

reading baby 4



We may not grasp the importance of the Super Bowl, but from her reaction we’re guessing it’s similar to a GAA final in Croker on sunny day.



We know it isn’t Christmas anymore but we could all do with a bit of warm cheer on this wet and cold Tuesday in January and what better to warm our chilly hearts than true love?

This video shows a woman receiving a teddy bear for Christmas, but it’s not just any teddy bear.

Look at her face when she realises what she has actually been given – so sweet.



Kittens dressed up as characters from Toy Story – ok, so the acting isn’t great but they are so cute.



1. Am I bothered? 

animal 3


2. You’ll never catch me!

animal 2

3. I said leave me alone!!

animal 5

4. Farmer Dog 

animal 4

5. Us 30 minutes from now

animal 1