The folks at Apple might be technology geniuses, but they know it's the simplest things that will cause the biggest buzz.

Like adding a new colour to their iPhone range, for example. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launched today, and they both come in a pretty rose gold shade as well as the original gold, grey and white.

There are had been some speculation that the new release would come in baby pink, but it seems that was just a trick of the light in early leaked photos… it's definitely rose gold.

One of the most notable new features on the iPhone 6s is the 3D Touch update, which means the phone has a screen that's sensitive to different levels of pressure rather than just to touch.


So tapping on an app will do one thing, but pressing down on it will do another.

For example, holding down on the Instagram app button will bring up a pop up menu of suggested options, like 'New Post,' 'Search,' or 'Notifications'.

And for seasoned selfie-lovers, pressing down on the camera app can bring you right to the front-facing camera. Handy.

As well as the 3D Touch options, your selfie game will get a BIG boost with the new and improved cameras, which are now 12-megapixel for the standard camera and 4-megapixel for the front-facing camera.

Another feature we LOVE the sound of is 'live photos,' which allow you to take a 'moving photo' by automatically capturing 1.5 seconds of video on either side of the photo.

It can be uploaded and stored like any regular photo, rather than being saved as a video or a GIF.


Of course, all of these additions mean your phone will be using a LOT more memory, but Apple promise that their new A9 processor will make the phone run faster too.

Prepare to see a lot of Instagram flat-lays featuring rose gold iPhones very soon…