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You okay there, Kelly?

Just hours after she hosted the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas for the second consecutive year, Clarkson underwent surgery to get her appendix removed, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The Broken & Beautiful singer tweeted a message to her fans confirming the news on Thursday, saying she had "broken down in tears after the show from pain" and was flown home the second the ceremony wrapped.

"Thanks to all the amazing people at Cedars-Sinai, I flew home directly after the event, nailed the surgery early this morning and feeling awesome now! Bye bye appendix," she wrote. 

She shared that she underwent the procedure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles straight away on Thursday morning but is feeling great.

The woman has reinvented the phase, "The show must go on", after experiencing intense waves of appendicitis pain over the entire week.


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Clarkson is returning to The Voice in just a few days for Monday’s live show, according to Entertainment Tonight, so she doesn't seem to rest easily.

The American Idol winner opened the BBMAs by singing a medley of songs nominated at the awards show, including Maroon 5's Girls Like You, The Middle by Zedd, J Balvin's I Like It and more. Her talk show is also premiering on NBC in September.

You never would have known that she was in such intense pain, how does she do it? We stan a badass queen.

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TMZ has reported that Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello has been hospitalised because of appendicitis.

The actor had to have surgery to remove his appendix late last week. One source told the website that his appendix burst while at home and the doctors were very alarmed when he came in.


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His rep confirmed that he has a "chronic condition" but didn't go into detail as this is the second time Joe has had to have surgery in the past year.

While filming Magic Mike XXL, the newlywed tore a muscle in his bicep which resulted in surgery. We hope Joe bounces back soon!



Avicii was forced to cancel his performance at the Ultra Festival in Miami this weekend, due to being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder.

During the surgery doctors also removed his appendix after discovering that it had ruptured.

But the Wake Me Up artist reassured fans on Facebook that it was nothing to worry about: “It’s a routine surgery and all going well, I expect to be fully recovered and back on my feet in time for my US True Tour. Thanks for your concern everyone, it means a lot to me!”

The 24-year-old also revealed to fans that he had problems with his stomach and pancreatitis in the past.

The artist took a snap of his arm after the surgery and posted it on Twitter to reassure fans that he was doing ok: “Now I feel like shit but at least I am doing ok…”

We wish Avicii a speedy recovery.