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It has been almost four years since Amy Winehouse tragically passed away in her London home, and it seems her best friends are still missing her every day.

Mark Ronson shared his dedication to her on Instagram earlier today, and saying that she still inspires him: “Amy Winehouse – although I wish you were still here, I’m always thinking of you, inspired by you and your music lives on in myself and everyone who ever felt it, Love Mark.”



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The Uptown Funk musician also mentioned that the dedication had somehow been left off his album printing the first time around, but the matter would be fixed soon. Mark also dedicated the album to the memories of his deceased friends, Teenie Hodges who died last summer and DJ Medhi who passed a mere two months after Amy.



Today would have been the late Amy Winehouse’s 31st birthday, and in her honour, a life-sized statue has been erected in her favourite part of London – Camden Street. The bronze statue was created by Scott Eaton, a London-based sculptor, who wanted to capture Amy’s "attitude and strength, but also give subtle hints of insecurity" in the sculptor.  

Located in Camden’s Stable Market, the statue shows the Back to Black singer with her hand on her hip, grabbing her skirt which the artist sees as “small elements that contribute to the personality of the piece”.

Talking about the statue, Amy’s dad, Mitch said: "It is like stopping her in a beautiful moment in time."

The 27-year-old died three years ago due to accidental alcohol poisoning and her family set up the Amy Winehouse Foundation to “prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on young people”

So if you are heading to London anytime soon, make sure you pop by the statue.




Lana Del Rey has caused concern amongst her fans for her alarming comments about death.

The singer was speaking to The Guardian when she said: “I wish I was dead already.”

Um, what?!

When asked by the interviewer as to whether she finds the deaths of music heroes such as Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse glamorous, she replied: “I don’t know. Ummm, yeah … I don’t want to have to keep doing this but I am.”

She also spoke of the backlash her album received, saying that she never got to enjoy any of the good that came from it: “I never felt any of the enjoyment. It was bad, all of it.”

We don’t think Lana’s fans will be happy to hear the talented singer is in such a bad place.

We really hope you feel better soon, Lana.

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Lily Allen has revealed that she has decided to dedicate her new album Sheezus, to the late singer, Amy Winehouse.

The Hard Out Here singer admitted that her and Amy weren’t that close and knew each other, more as acquaintances.

“She was not in a great place when we knew each other, so I don’t feel I knew Amy; I knew a version of Amy.”

But Lily spoke of the attention that surrounded the late singer and wasn’t sure how she would be able to cope with it all, if she were in Amy’s position.

“What she had to deal with was 10 times anything I had to deal with. She’d sold a hell of a lot more albums than me, and there was a lot more interest in her. There were people outside her home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I know what that was like on a much smaller level, and I felt trapped. She couldn’t do anything or go anywhere without there being a frenzy; and she was all about life and enjoying herself and socialising, and when that’s taken away from you… she was a prisoner.”

Lily said that the reason Amy attracted so much attention from the press, was of result being “too damn interesting for her own good”.



Lily Allen said she felt Amy Winehouse was recording with her last year,  as she happened to be working in the same studio as the late singer had made music in.

Lily said during a recording session for her current album she could still feel that Amy still had a presence in the room.

“Mark Ronson and I worked in the studio where he worked with Amy Winehouse. I felt her ghost was there. I felt so untalented in comparison”.

Winehouse died two years ago of alcohol poisoning aged 27.

The Hard Out Here singer also revealed that she finds it general very hard to write songs and often gets insecure about her own musical abilities.

“I find song writing nerve-wracking. I feel anxious about whether it sounds silly, whether I’m good, whether I’m worth all the fuss. I feel a fraud and that I’m about to get found out.”

Well, we don’t agree with you there Lily.