Which singer said she felt she was recording with Amy’s ghost?


Lily Allen said she felt Amy Winehouse was recording with her last year,  as she happened to be working in the same studio as the late singer had made music in.

Lily said during a recording session for her current album she could still feel that Amy still had a presence in the room.

“Mark Ronson and I worked in the studio where he worked with Amy Winehouse. I felt her ghost was there. I felt so untalented in comparison”.

Winehouse died two years ago of alcohol poisoning aged 27.

The Hard Out Here singer also revealed that she finds it general very hard to write songs and often gets insecure about her own musical abilities.

“I find song writing nerve-wracking. I feel anxious about whether it sounds silly, whether I’m good, whether I’m worth all the fuss. I feel a fraud and that I’m about to get found out.”

Well, we don’t agree with you there Lily.