Eating pizza. Every day. And losing weight.

Quite literally our dream life… and now one woman has proved it IS a possibility. Well, at least in the short-term.

Writer Charlotte Palermino took one for the team recently when she agreed to eat only pizza for seven whole days, to see if a restrictive diet of any kind could lead to weight loss.

As with any other kind of "cleanse," Cosmopolitan reporter Charlotte also cut out alcohol and sugar, though she did allow herself to drink coffee. Phew.

Her rules? No fake cauliflower pizza bases of ANY kind – dough only, people. Plus, each pizza had to have some kind of cheese or topping, plus an oil or sauce. 

With an average "slice count" per day of around ten, you'd be forgiven for thinking poor Charlotte would be struggling to get into her jeans by the end of the week.

But, to the contrary, she had actually dropped 5 lbs.

"My cleanse was a 'success,' if you could call it that," Charlotte wrote

"Don't hate me, but I lost 5 pounds. I slimmed down not because pizza is some undiscovered super food, but because I was actually consuming fewer calories."

Her energy might not have been coming from the most nutritious of sources, but, as we learnt in Junior Cert Science, to lose weight you need to use up more calories than you take in.

Of course, there were a few cons.

As you'd expect after subsisting only on pizza, Charlotte said she did feel quite bloated and constipated midway through the cleanse, as well as suffering from heartburn and a few mood swings.

Our verdict? Pizza is great and all, but probably not the great dieting secret of the 21st century.