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2014 hasn't been the best year for model and TV personality Nicola McLean, so it's highly unfortunate that the star has already spent a portion of her New Year's Eve in hospital.

The 33-year-old was forced to make a trip to Accident and Emergency after damaging her ankle yesterday.

Taking to social media to share a photo of her injury with concerned followers, the mum-of-two wrote: "In a & e waiting on an X-ray!!! I cannot stand hospitals."

When asked what happened, the former glamour model poked fun at her estranged husband, footballer Tom Williams, writing: "I rolled my ankle today #tomsfault."

It has been a difficult year for Nicola, who split from footballer Tom amid allegations that he had cheated on her. The couple were together 11 years, and have two children together.

While this is undoubtedly not how Nicola had planned to spend the last days of 2014, she can take comfort in the fact that best bud Aisleyne Horgan- Wallace is on hand to make light of the situation!

The reality star – who, herself has had a dramatic few weeks – took to Twitter to joke around over Nicola's injury.

"Can't stop laughing at the fact this beauty @NicolaMcLean is sat at home (with the bad ankle) watching…DARTs?! This is [why] I [love] her," wrote the former Big Brother star.

Here's hoping Nicola's New Year celebrations aren't totally ruined!


After her best friend Nicola McLean stepped in to slam David McIntosh's lying ways, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has finally made her own feelings known too.

The model took to social media to say she'd had a "lucky escape" and to respond to trolls who were ridiculing her for getting upset.

David and Aisleyne had been seen out and about on a string of dates during his split from Kelly Brook, but there seemed to be a serious overlap going on once he and Kelly reunited.

Things really came to a head when David was spotted on a date with Kelly just a day after taking Aisleyne out for the night. Awkward!

Earlier this week, Aisleyne posted this screenshot of an old Instagram picture of the former couple, with the caption, "lucky escape."

Last night she hit back at those who claimed her and David had only gone on "2 dates," branding them as "d**k heads." Ouch!

She later posted again saying, "Im not a woman to be manipulated or lied to":

Showing she had more important things to be worrying about than lying men, Aisleyne also showed off a radical new brunette bob last night, sharing this picture with the caption, "New hair don't care":

We like her attitude!



Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has caused a lot of upset after she used the term ‘n****’ on a recent night out.

The Daily Mail reports that after coming out of a nightclub, the former Big Brother star was asked by a photographer why she used “the n-word” on a previous night to which she replied: “No because I am black … I’m black so I’m allowed to say what I want because I was born from a black mother. I think I need to stop and talk about my heritage.”

The glamour model then reportedly sat on a bench and shockingly said: “Let’s sit and talk about the fact I’m a n*****.”

Aisleyne has yet to comment on the controversial incident.

People on Twitter have been quick to comment on the incident, with many very unimpressed at Aisleyne's use of the offensive term: 

Something tells us she woke up with The Fear the next day…