Model causes massive controversy with racist term


Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has caused a lot of upset after she used the term ‘n****’ on a recent night out.

The Daily Mail reports that after coming out of a nightclub, the former Big Brother star was asked by a photographer why she used “the n-word” on a previous night to which she replied: “No because I am black … I’m black so I’m allowed to say what I want because I was born from a black mother. I think I need to stop and talk about my heritage.”

The glamour model then reportedly sat on a bench and shockingly said: “Let’s sit and talk about the fact I’m a n*****.”

Aisleyne has yet to comment on the controversial incident.

People on Twitter have been quick to comment on the incident, with many very unimpressed at Aisleyne's use of the offensive term: 

Something tells us she woke up with The Fear the next day…