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Aisleyne Horgan has had a difficult few months of it. Back in December the Big Brother star began receiving abuse online after stepping out in public with Kelly Brook's on-and-off boyfriend David McIntosh, and now she has had to deal with something even worse.

Earlier this week an image of a woman performing sex acts on two men was posted to Twitter with a caption claiming the woman pictured was Aisleyne – something the model believes was a cruel troll attack.

Aisleyne has firmly denied that she is the one who appears in the picture, and has described the whole experience as "horrendous," adding that she has struggled to cope over the last few days. "I had three panic attacks yesterday and one today. I've also passed out," she told OK! magazine.

The star says she would never have posed for an image like the one posted, saying, "When I first saw the photos, I was so confused because I have never had a threesome in my life – I'm a bit conventional like that."

She described the day the image was posted as "the worst day of my life… All my family and friends saw the picture." Aisleyne has contacted the police and has also blocked the account holder who shared the image in the first place. "I'm not going to get in touch with them because I don't want to give them the satisfaction," she said.

"I think the person who posted the photos knew exactly what they were doing, and they won't stop tweeting and talking about it until I do something, but I'm not going to do anything."

We hope things start looking up for poor Aisleyne!


After her best friend Nicola McLean stepped in to slam David McIntosh's lying ways, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has finally made her own feelings known too.

The model took to social media to say she'd had a "lucky escape" and to respond to trolls who were ridiculing her for getting upset.

David and Aisleyne had been seen out and about on a string of dates during his split from Kelly Brook, but there seemed to be a serious overlap going on once he and Kelly reunited.

Things really came to a head when David was spotted on a date with Kelly just a day after taking Aisleyne out for the night. Awkward!

Earlier this week, Aisleyne posted this screenshot of an old Instagram picture of the former couple, with the caption, "lucky escape."

Last night she hit back at those who claimed her and David had only gone on "2 dates," branding them as "d**k heads." Ouch!

She later posted again saying, "Im not a woman to be manipulated or lied to":

Showing she had more important things to be worrying about than lying men, Aisleyne also showed off a radical new brunette bob last night, sharing this picture with the caption, "New hair don't care":

We like her attitude!