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So, by this stage, we're guessing most people's New Year's resolutions have gone well a truly out the window. 

Whether you promised yourself you'd stop spending money on over-priced coffee, or committed to three yoga classes a week, there's a pretty good chance that all your good intentions faded once February came around. 

But never fear, because there's always time to get back on track and ASOS has launched a brand new fitness range to get you motivated once again. 

The collection, which follows the online retailer's "More Reasons to Move" launched earlier this year, aims to empower men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. 

The activewear comes in eye-catching colours and stylish prints and included everything from reflective-detailed jackets and T-shirts to all-in-one yoga outfits and leggings.

What's more, the items are made using seasonless technology and high-performance fabrics so you can get the most out of your fitness gear. 

One of the best things about the range it the large variety of customers it caters for. ASOS 4505 includes maternity items, as well as tall, petite and curve with sizes running from a UK 4 to 30.

Check out some of our favourite pieces below:



Whether you're a fitness addict or can't stand the sight of a treadmill, there's no denying that workout gear is seriously practical.

If you're the kind of person who would happily stroll to Tesco in their PJs, leggings and a tank top are a nice compromise – comfy, but not "I have no pride in my personal hygiene" comfy.

However, Aussie comedy group Skit Box are sick of women donning 'activewear' for everyday activities that don't involve breaking a sweat.

Lycra for a spinning class? Yes. Lycra for a coffee date? No.

With that in mind, they've penned a song, a word of warning if you will.

Described as "a video for girls who wear activewear, to do not-active things," the skit is almost enough to make us put our gym leggings away.

Ugh, but then we'd have to put on JEANS…