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James Horner, the composer who wrote the Oscar-winning score for Titanic, has died in a plane crash.

The 61-year-old was a trained pilot and is thought to have been alone on a small plane when it crashed north of Santa Barbara on Monday morning.

One of Hollywood’s most legendary composers, Mr Horner worked on the films A Beautiful Mind, Braveheart, Troy, Apollo 13, as well as three James Cameron films.

He won two Oscars for Titanic which included the Best Original song award and the Best Dramatic Score award. He was nominated for another eight Oscars. The late composer boasts 158 credits for various TV and film projects.

In a 2009 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Mr Horner explained the importance of the nature of his work. “My job is to make sure at every turn of the film it’s something the audience can feel with their heart.”

“When we lose a character, when somebody wins, when somebody loses, when someone disappears – at all times I’m keeping track, constantly, of what the heart is supposed to be feeling. That is my primary role.”

Since the composer’s tragic death, tributes from Hollywood’s most revered have been pouring in.

Celine Dion, the singer of My Heart Will Go On has released a statement saying she is “deeply saddened” by the talented composer’s “tragic death.”








The man whose life story was documented in Oscar-winning film A Beautiful Mind has been killed alongside his wife in a tragic road traffic accident this weekend.

86-year-old mathematician, John Nash, whose battle with mental illness was depicted by Russell Crowe in the acclaimed 2001 film, was travelling in a taxi on the New Jersey Turnpike when the crash occurred on Saturday.

The couple, who had been married almost 60 years, were ejected from the vehicle when the driver of their car attempted to overtake another vehicle before crashing into a guard rail on the New Jersey route.

According to police reports, it appears John Nash, who won a Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994, was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the crash, nor was his 82-year-old wife, Alicia.

It is understood the Nashs, who attended the Academy Awards in 2002 to celebrate the film's incredible response from both the movie industry and wider public alike, were the only fatalities of the tragic incident.

Commenting on the weekend's devastating incident, Russell Crowe took to Twitter moments ago to write: "Stunned…my heart goes out to John and Alicia and family. An amazing partnership. Beautiful minds, beautiful hearts."

Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the couple at this devastating time.