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50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy delighted us all when it hit our screens in 2014, but now Baz Ashmawy has revealed there will be no more seasons of the show.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Baz said that he doesn't want to make another series because of 'rip-off shows'.

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“As soon as other people are making spin-offs or rip-offs of it, you just kind of think, ‘Well maybe there’s something else we should try now'.

"I had such a good time making 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy with my mum, so it would be hard to resent somebody doing it with their mum if they get the same thing out of it.

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“But as far as ideas go, that’s just TV. I created a little genre and what has happened is maybe one of the reasons that I’m kind of done with it now.”

Aw, we'll miss Nancy on our TV screens!


Congrats are in order for Baz Ashmawy and his mammy Nancy this morning, as they've just bagged a major award in the US.

The pair were in  New York last night for the International Emmy Awards, where they walked away with a gong for Baz's show, 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy.

And there was no winner more chilled than Nancy, who looked VERY at home holding that golden statuette.

The Sky One show, which has a second season kicking off soon, sees Baz and Nancy trying out a variety of extreme sports, from skydiving to swimming with crocodiles.

Baz confirmed the news via Twitter earlier this morning from New York, saying he was "touched" and that his Mam was "so happy."

Despite the big win, Baz admitted recently that it took a while for US viewers to grasp his particular brand of Irish humour.

"In the States there was a lot of backlash in the beginning because they don't have the same understanding of sarcasm or irony that we have, they thought I was actually trying to kill my mother,” he told RTÉ.

"When I was making Mammy I wanted to make something that was funny and was fresh and something that made people feel a bit sentimental about their family.

"I wasn't making it for awards or to sell or any of that stuff, but it's an amazing nod".

As for Nancy, Baz admitted his mum was chuffed to have a glitzy night in New York after being put through her paces on the show.

"She's got to do all of these amazing things and now she's going to get her glad rags on and have a very glitzy night in The Hilton. It's brilliant and amazing," he said.

We're delighted for the pair!


On this week’s spotlight we caught up with Baz Ashmawy at the Eaties. TV show, 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy was a roaring success here and abroad so Niamh Geaney quizzed the good son on their antics. We also found out what food you’re most likely to see Baz chowing down on and how he’s putting his nerdy nature to good use with his brand new Sky 1 game show.

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TV presenter Baz Ashmawy has filmed a new series, which sees him bring his 71-year-old mammy on potentially life threatening escapades!

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy sees Nancy firing machine guns, handling deadly snakes and jumping out of airplanes, which are clearly not typical 71-year-old activities. And for good reason, we're sure!

The trailer itself is hilarious – and if you want to see the whole thing, you can catch it on Sky One, August 25th – it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!