If you were born without a flair for languages, trying to get your head around anything other than your native tongue is no mean feat.

And trying to get your head around German can be even harder for some people.

For many of us, it's the type of language that trips you up at every turn, but once you get stuck in, you're away in a hack.

Unless, of course, you're us, that is.

1. You might have memorised the Der, Die, Das, Die table off by heart, but it will never help in an exam.

“Hold on until I re-write my table for the 14th time.”

2. You get an inexplicable thrill by throwing random capitalised words into your sentences.

“We can’t do this in English, ya see. But with you guys, it’s allowed!”

3. Waiting until the end of the sentence to find out the verb still infuriates you.

“It’s like you have to make your brain work backwards.”

4. No matter how many times you might try, you still can’t get your head around the Dative case.

“Wait now, who is the apple being given to?”

5.  You accept you will never know which article goes with which noun.

“And I’m just going to have to live with it. They’ll know what I’m talking about.”

6.  You quote Sideshow Bob’s famous line at least once a day.

“Die Bart die, lads. Know what I mean?”

7. You get thick with people who say German is a harsh language (even though you secretly agree).

“Ehhh, I think you’ll find it’s beautiful… in its own way.”

8. You laugh at the word wiener because you can’t grow up all at once.

“It’s like they’re challenging me to keep a straight face.”

9. You secretly hate classmates who nail the accent with little to no effort.

“I still sound like I’m chewing a toy truck even when I try my hardest.”

10. You get a major thrill when you get through an entire passage and actually understand it.

“Auf wiedersehen biatches, I’m outta here.”

11. You learn a filler word and you include it at least ten times in each and every oral you ever do.

"Genau… genau… mmmm…. genau."