Seriously, WTF: Justin Bieber is on a boat and he’s totally STARKERS


At first glance, you might be forgiven for assuming that the naked man appearing on Justin Bieber's Instagram account is a friend or uninhibited relative. 

But no – upon further examination, there can be no doubt that the nude body in question is that of the Canadian singer.

For one, there are his many, unique tattoos to consider. Then there's also his trademark toussled sun-kissed hair and toned physique.

Yes, it's Biebs alright… and he seems to have forgotten his pants.

There is no indication as to what prompted the 21-year-old to strip off, but evidently he thought it a good idea to add to the tropical surroundings of Bora Bora by showing off his bits 'n' pieces.

He captioned the snap, which has now garnered some 1.3million likes of approval, with a simple "look".

The as-yet unidentified photographer has a keen creative eye also: they lovingly captured Mr Bieber's firm buttock as the sun gently hit off his bare skin.

The Baby singer is currently holidaying with friends – including Joe Termini, who was attacked by a shark in Australia during the same trip. 

It's not the first time Justin's stripped off either: two years ago photographs of him posing up with only a guitar to protect his modesty surfaced – promoting widespread hysteria among Beliebers.