Selena Gomez left fuming after reporter mentions ex Justin


It would appear that Selena Gomez is well and truly sick of people mentioning her ex Justin Bieber in relation to her and her music. 

The singer appeared on a pre-AMA red carpet session and talked about her new album, and the influences that created those. Selena has not shied away from admitting that a lot of her new album is inspired by her famous ex, because of course it would be!

However, the problems began when the reporter involved shared a photo of herself and Selena on Instagram and captioned: “Asking Selena about her new single & the famous ex she wrote it about…”

According to Oceans Up, the singer was furious about the caption, and left a comment reading: “Hate the caption … I know, you could've said my new single but ok.”

Things got even more heated when an Instagram user commented saying that Selena was only famous because if Justin, to which she flipped altogether: “A little hypocritical if you ask me. I have been working since I was 7 years old. And I am allowed as an artist to share my heart and hard work. Playing for you. Have a great day love!

The reporter later altered her caption due to the attention it was garnering from angry Selectors and Selena seems to have deleted her comments. 

How dramatic a day on Instagram can be for Selena Gomez!