Actress slams gluten-free diets as “the new cool eating disorder”


Jennifer Lawrence is set to upset a LOT of people suffering with gluten-intolerance out there!

In her recent interview for Vanity Fair, in which she opened up about those nude snaps for the first time, Jen also speaks about what she’d like to find in a boyfriend.

During the conversation, Jennifer branded a gluten-free diet as “the new cool eating disorder” saying that those who follow such a diet are saying: “Basically I just don’t eat carbs.”

Ouch, Jen – those comments are going to sting a lot of people!

We wonder if Chris Martin has finally found his soulmate in Jennifer after years and years of uber healthy eating with Gwyneth Paltrow…  

While many people today suffer from gluten intolerance, Jimmy Kimmel recently did a sketch in which he quizzed people on what gluten actually was (it didn't go well)…and as Jimmy says himself: "Some people can't eat gluten for medical reasons, but a lot of people in Los Angeles don't eat gluten because someone in their yoga class told them not to."

We think Jen agrees with you, Jimmy!