7 misconceptions many men have about women


It wouldn’t be fair to say that all men have these misconceptions but they’re common misconceptions all the same.

1. All women are good cooks
Contrary to popular belief, women are not born with this talent. And we don’t look like this when we do cook.


2. Women know exactly how to wash every different kind of material
Many women just tend to take care of their clothes better and so learn this knowledge along the way. 

3. Women love eating salads
There's many men who like eating salads and many women who hate it. 


4. All women love romantic comedies
Fact: so do guys. Stop lying. 


5. A women will automatically want to be your girlfriend after you have sex
So offensive. You think you're the only one who enjoys sex? Think again, buddy!


6. Women are the Antichrist when they have their period
No, you’re just incompetent half the time and our patience runs out after around 4 weeks of it.

7. Size matters
Nope. As long as you know what your doing in every other area, the size really, really does not matter.

via our content partner CT