5 ways to make your wedding simple and unique


It can be easy to be swept away with the idea of a grandiose wedding in a castle with everyone you’ve ever met there – but intimate can be better. And cheaper.

These simple tips will help your wedding to be just as down-to-earth as you are. If you and your guests are comfortable then you’ll remember the night forever.

1. Cut the guest list
If you invite the people that you and your OH love the most you’re guaranteed the night of your life.

2. Have the ceremony somewhere unusual
If you are into the idea of an outdoor wedding then pick somewhere that means something to you as a couple. That place will be special forever after.

3. Name each reception table
This can add a fun twist and you can make pretty name plates for each table.

4. Have a theme
And be as subtle or blatant as you like!

5. DIY as much as you can. 
Nothing beats homemade crafts as party favours or drinking cocktails out of decorated mason jars. So fetch the glitter out and get creative!