5 things you need to know before picking out that bikini

Picking out the perfect bikini is no easy task. Here are some things you should take into consideration when choosing yours:

1. Skin tone
If you have paler skin, remember that colour such as white may not look as striking on you as they would on someone with a tan. Go for a cream or ivory colour to give yourself a lift.

2. Shape
Highlight your best assets. If you have larger breasts, you may want more support and so an underwire bikini top may benefit you more than a flimsy string top. Likewise, if you do not like your bottom half, you can always find a cute bikini with a little skirt to give yourself more beach confidence.

3. Too late
Don’t leave it too late in the season to buy your bikini as all of the good ones may be gone. Get in there early and have your pick from all the lovely new arrivals.

4. Don’t spend a fortune
There is absolutely no need to go crazy and drop lots of money on a bikini. Think about it. We live in Ireland, this will be worn 1-2 weeks a year MAX. There are plenty of stunning bikini choices out there without having to break the bank.

5. Accessorise!
It’s not all just about the bikini y’know! You can jazz up a plain coloured bikini with a cute hat, sunglasses and even some elegant body jewellery.