5 style crimes we’ve all committed over the years


All women are guilty of making some style mistakes from time to time – we're only human after all!

Here are the mistakes we'll make when it comes to style and beauty during out lifetime:

1. You Try Too Hard
A short skirt, falsies and a heavy tan do not necessarily mean you have it going on. Sometimes less is more. 

nervous 3

2. You Put On Too Much Make Up
Please, please, remember the golden rule: heavy eye make up means natural lips, dark lippie means light on the eyes!

nervous 6

3. Curling Your Hair Every Single Day
Think of hair's future, please! 

nervous 7

4. Uncomfortable Clothes
Those hotpants are not comfy, just admit it. Throw on some sweats and come join the rest of us. 

5. Tangoed
One Mississippi, two Mississippi… 

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