5 signs he is not over his ex


Your new love interest was in a long-term relationship until recently.

No matter how much he assures you he is over his ex and not in love with her anymore – you have a feeling that is not entirely true.

In time, he may get over her for good and you can have a great relationship with him, but unfortunately, there is the other scenario where you’re a rebound and you don’t want to be in that situation.

These signs show he more than likely isn’t over his ex and you should wait and see what happens before jumping into something serious.

1. Every single story he tells has her name in it one way or another
Every. Single. One.

2. Her name in his phone is his pet name for her
Sounds like “Schnukkims McCuddles” may be coming back for her man eventually.

3. His apartment has still got a significant amount of her photos lying around

4. They talk on the phone every night
There is a certain adjustment period of course, but if you are dating this man then that is not on.

5. You have to hang out with her.