13 traits of the perfect man


It's hard to find the perfect gentleman, but we are positive he's out there. He just needs to do all of these things to sweep us off our feet:

1. Comment On Our Appearance (Positive Only, Obviously)

Even after two or three years, this will still go a long way. 

2. Celebrate The Little Things

We don't want men to remember that first time we held hands or anything, but a sweet gesture to remind us that they remember little things would be nice. 

3. Do Not Point Out Our Flaws

You don't think we realise our brows haven't been done for weeks?! We're poor!

4. Don’t Talk About Your Exes (Especially If They Were Really Hot)

We probably know everything there is to know already, on account of the fact that we’ve stalked her numerous times on Facebook. Never, ever underestimate a woman’s stalking skills. She probably knows more about her than you do.

5. If She’s Acting Crazy, Buy Her Chocolate Stat

It's our currency. 

6. Don’t Forget To Randomly Text Us From Time To Time

It’s all too easy to take your other half for granted when you’ve been together for a long period of time, so touching base every now and then is imperative. Just a funny little text will do the trick and get you back on her mind in no time.

7. Don’t Ever Comment On Our Hot Friends

Because that is a very good way to lose a part of your special anatomy.

8. Do Not Attempt To Put An Ugly Picture Of Her On Facebook

We get that men do this to other men and even women to other women, but what the hell would posses you to do it to your girlfriend? You are not Ashton and she is not Demi and it’s not funny or cute. Not acceptable. Ever.

9. Never Disrespect Our Parents

They made us, therefore you should automatically be grateful to them. Make an effort and inquire about them from time to time, that’s all it takes.

10. Leave Us To Shop Alone

There’s nothing more annoying to women than having an annoying man following us around grumbling about being bored, when all we want to do is buy three dress for €40 and rejoice. Do us both a favour and go wait in the pub.

11. Surprise Her Every Now And Then

There’s a certain element of getting into a routine when you’re in a long term relationship, so instead of spending another weekend in the pub together, surprise her with a little treat, a date night, a weekend away, a new sex move or whatever else it takes to put you in the good books. Whatever it is that you do will show that you’ve put thought and care into it and that’s a massive plus in our eyes. Honest.

12. Our Space Is Not Messy, It’s Organised Chaos

For some reason most women , are slightly messy. Some of us might be totally neat, tidy and into our appearance on the outside, but step into our rooms and you’ll be greeted with a wall of crap. Don’t mouth off about it, it’s our mess and we’re happy with it. Unless you live with us, in which case, it’s only changing if you’re happy to clean it up for us.

13. Support Us, No Matter What

That’s what you’re there for, after all. If she’s feeling down, cheer her up. If she’s quiet, talk to her. If she’s having family problems, be there for her and if you’re the reason she’s upset, then change your bad habits before she changes her boyfriend. Above all, be her shoulder to cry on and her solid support system. Remind her why she loves you and you’re on the right track.

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