10 of the most hilarious things people overheard at Fashion Week

In case you had not noticed, New York Fashion Week has brought an awful lot of celebrities and their very important entourage members all together.

There was a lot of events, hundreds of outfit changes and of course, there were some snarky comments tossed about between the celebs. Cosmopolitan gathered up some of the most outrageous remarks that were overheard over the course of the fashion extravaganza, and they were hilarious.

These are just some of most hilarious things that people overheard the fashion crowd saying, in very crowded, very public places. 

"I was sitting across from Anna. She yawned, she checked her watch, she looked up at the ceiling and played with her jewelry, and she texted. I've seen her not like a show before but never like that. She hated it."

"Who is that Russian mistress in the front row?"

"I don't want her to be physically hurt, because that would be mean. Just emotionally."

"They say smart things. Like, they analyze Magic Mike in an intellectual way, which is what I do with my friends."

"I love when Jimmy Choo did Uggs! That was a good day in fashion."

 "This is their new shoe. It's also a hat. Unisex."

 "It's 10 a.m. and I already saw a nip slip."

"This show's front row is like a who's who of mother-daughter plastic surgery."

"I know the '70s are back, but please still trim your chest hair and don't grow a mustache."

"Poor Kim trying to wear those clothes and she just looked like a big poo emoji."