Watch out! Santy was pulled over by Gardaí in Kildare this morning


Poor oul Santa was pulled over by the guards this morning as he made a trip from Kildare to Temple Street Hospital.

Gardaí tweeted a warning about the man in red, telling road users to be on alert.

"Gardaí are asking the public to be aware of this man travelling from Kildare to Temple Street hospital today. Last seen on 25/12/15."

They had to check if Santa's sleigh was taxed and insured to be on the road, and after a quick look, the Gardaí let old Saint Nick pass through.


But today wasn't the only day Mr Claus made time for the kids; he dropped into the hospital earlier this week for a quick visit with patients and their nurses, and handed out a few treats while he was there, too.

We can't wait for him to come by our homes on Christmas Eve!