Want to meet new friends in your area? Then GirlCrew is for you!


What happens when none of your friends are around and you really, really want to go out for a dance? Or maybe you’ve moved to a new area and are having some trouble meeting new people, what then? It can be a lonely experience for many women.

Well, we have the answer for you … Or rather, GirlCrew does! With over 3,000 members in Ireland alone, and groups in London, New York and even Sydney, GirlCrew is THE way to meet new and fun friends.

If you want to go for coffee, the cinema, a night out, a run – anything you can think of, GirlCrew will set you up with other women who want to do the same.

Elva, the genius behind GirlCrew, explained why she decided to set the company up, explaining that all of her friends were busy one evening, and she wanted a night on the tiles (we can totally relate to this, Elva!) 

She explains: 

 “One Friday night in March of this year, I was at home and really wanted to go out and had no one to go out with. My group of friends is small but lovely, so this happens. I knew there had to be at least a couple of other girls who this happens to as well, so i popped up my search for some dancing buddies on Tinder, changing my gender to ‘male’ in the settings so i’d show up to other straight girls and gave it a shot.”

“I thought I’d find two, three, maybe four girls who wanted to go out dancing. But there were MILLIONS! (Well, a hundred within two days.) Since then it’s grown into these awesome little groups of women all over the place who want to just meet up and hang out – whether it’s for gigs, coffees, nights out dancing, running, eating, whatever.”

So, where can you find GirlCrew? A lot of places, it turns out! All around Ireland, GirlCrew numbers are growing by the day and you can now find groups in Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Dublin, Meath, Galway, Belfast, Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford and even more.

If your county isn’t there – check out the website to find out how you can start a GirlCrew group in your locality!  

However, GirlCrew isn’t limited to Ireland so if you have recently found yourself in a far off country and want to meet new friends, you will find groups in New York, Atlanta, Dublin, London and even Sydney!

So, get interacting, ladies and you will soon find yourself with a seriously fun-filled diary with lots of great people!

Check out GirlCrew’s website here for more information.