There are many reasons to dump someone – these aren’t them


There are a whole variety of things responsible for leading you to dump someone. Too clingy, very loud, being a cheat. If someone’s not right for you, you just know.

However, for every perfectly feasible reason out there, there are a thousand shitty ones. Read on and get some inspiration for yourself. Just don’t say I told you.

1. You’re Not Ready For A Relationship Despite Being 23 Years Of Age

What she said. 

2. They Consider Take-Away To Be A Delicacy

Don't be a food snob. They like what they like – if you stick with them think of all the ingenious ways you can try to get some kale into them. Exciting!

3. They Drink Blue WKD

Erm…really? We'll let this one slide. 

4. You Think You’ll Get Way Better

With an ego as large as yours, you should be so lucky.

5. There’s A Justin Bieber Album On Their IPod

Actually, this is a pretty valid reason to dump them. What the hell were you thinking?

6. They Live More Than 15 Minutes Away

Lazy. This is not 1764. We have cars and stuff now.

7. Their Clothes Are Terrible

So dress them! Duh. If Kanye did it for Kim, you can do it for your man. 

8. You Have A Sneaking Suspicion That Their Sister Is A Bit Of A Bi***

So what if she is. You don’t have to go out with her, after all. 

9. They Don’t Pay For Absolutely Everything

How shocking, this must be the 50′s after all.

10. All Of Your Friends Are Single

You know what your mom says about doing things because other people are (don't)…

11. They Play Too Much Sports

Yes being fit, toned and healthy is a massive no no. You’re dead right on that one.

12. They Haven’t Watched Breaking Bad

This means you get to watch it all over again – so what's the issue?!

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