The official signs that you are well and truly in a relationship


The words: “sure it’s only a bit of craic” spring to mind. You possibly had intended it being an isolated shift, but suddenly one text message turns into three and before you know it you are leaving a toothbrush in their bathroom and spooning them every second night. The accusations are flying and you’re friends look like this when they are talking about both of you:

officially in relationship

But how do you know when you have reached couplesville? Well, here is the litmus test – signs that prove that you are no longer a single pringle and, in fact, have a boyfriend you didn’t really know about:

 1. You wear his clothes

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 17.43.49

That hoodie is possibly the comfiest ever. Yoink!

 2. You spend actual time with each other


Both of you do stuff together that does not revolve around sex. Cinema dates, going for coffee or just binge watching your favourite TV show mean that there is quite possibly more happening than just friends with benefits. And you like it.

 3. You have no idea when you were on Tinder last

officially in relationship

And you don’t exactly miss it…

 4. The text messages are less dirty and more sentimental

Are these feelings….real life feelings of love? Uh oh!

5. You sleep together without actually ‘sleeping together’


Sometimes a cuddle is nice.

 6. You can’t remember the last person you shifted that wasn’t them

It definitely wasn’t that good anyway, so no harm.

 7. You have your own side in his bed

By the wall, cosy and comfy.

 8. You can kiss each other without presuming it will lead somewhere else


If you kiss him before you say goodbye, you are in a relationship my friend.

I hoped that helped the penny drop.

Welcome to relationship-ville. Population: You.

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