Terrible relationship advice we all believed when we were teenagers


Here are some things we all belived about love when we were naive teenagers, thank God we’ve grown up…

1. X’s are key to success


The amount of X’s he put at the end of a text measured how much he loved you. Fact.

2. Who is the other half of you?


If you didn’t have another half of Bebo, you were no one.

3. Showcase your love at every given chance


PDA’s were a part of life back in your teen years. The more you shifted him in public, the more people knew he was YOURS!!

4. Pet names are an essential aspect of any relationship


“Hey baaaaabe” … “Snugglebunny” … can anyone say PUKE?! And also, “criiinge” on remembering that we too did this back in the day.

5. Being Cupid is your main talent in life and you should probably pursue it as a career


Pity it wasn’t a subject in the Leaving Cert you thought to yourself on the day of the repeats.

6. A minimum of fifty texts a day must be sent, or it is not true and viable love


Seriously, the amount of credit you went through is frightening.

7. Putting out does not make you easy, it makes you unbelievably cool


Once again, fuelling those cringey memories we have to live with.

8. They say personality is the most important thing, but looks are all that really matter


Sure, you got to shift the hottie from the hurling team, but then all he talked about for four whole weeks was…well, hurling! So not worth the street cred.

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