Zendaya pleaded with Kelly not to quit Fashion Police


Following Kelly Osbourne's shock departure from hit E! show Fashion Police, it has now emerged that her friend Zendaya urged her friend to reconsider her decision.

30-year-old Kelly felt compelled to leave the fashion show after her colleague Giuliana Rancic made ill-advised comments about Zendaya's hair on the red carpet, but it seems that Kelly's friend thinks she needs to forgive and forget.

Sources close to the star have opened up about the controversy, saying; "Zendaya told Kelly that she shouldn’t quit Fashion Police because of the race argument. She said that now that an apology was made, everybody should move on and try and forgive and forget."

Kelly known for her outspoken attitude didn't agree and felt that she had no choice but to quit the show, with an insider revealing: "Kelly finds it difficult to forgive people. [She] felt she needed to make a stand – because of her own beliefs – and went through with resigning from her post."

According to reports, Kelly felt she couldn't work alongside Giuliana following the controversy and thought it best to move on.

While Zendaya was apparently moved by her friend's loyalty, she was concerned that her friend may regret her decision, with a source revealing: "Zendaya was touched by Kelly’s motives, but she didn’t want her friend to give up a job she loves. But Kelly felt she had no option."

We don't think we've heard the last of this one!