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OK, so we're not entirely sure how we feel about it being quite so Christmasy quite so early. 

November 6; we're only just over the excitement of Halloween when suddenly bags of yuletide delights and oodles of festive cheer has flooded shops, streets and homes.

Ho, ho, ho – or bah humbug?

Well, while another six weeks of glittery goodness and mulled wine-infused air might prove taxing, we're today feeling sufficiently good-humoured to embrace the spirit of the season.

And certainly, we couldn't help but get oh-so unreasonably giddy at the sight of the Brown Thomas Christmas window on Grafton Street.

Unveiled last night, this year the theme is Store Of Wonders. As BTs explains: "We have gone back to the simple pleasure of a great story well told and have decided to celebrate the art of storytelling.

"We are doing fairytales and enchanted stories with a Brown Thomas twist." 

Below, we bring you the gorgeous windows – which, it has to be said, are particularly stunning for 2015. In the meantime… 'jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…'













Is it just us, or is Christmas actually getting earlier every year? Well, if Brown Thomas in Dublin, Cork and Limerick is anything to go by… the festive season is already here.

Yes, a full four months before the man with the bag arrives in Ireland, the famed department store has kicked off a spot of Yuletide joy. 

For 2015 the Christmas Market is, according to Brown Thomas, "filled with Christmas trees and trim, seasonal decorations and festive food". 

"We’ve actually been working on this year's Christmas Market since Christmas last year," BTs also said in a statement today.

And they reckon that they need to launch the market at this time of year to satisfy "customer demand".

"Plenty of shoppers are keen to get organised early," it maintains. "Generally we find that there’s a great response from customers to opening in August especially tourists who are eager to buy pieces they can’t get at home."

The themes for this year’s Christmas Market at Brown Thomas include Ice Palace, Venetian Winter, I Love Candy, and Santa’s Journey.

Ho, ho, ho? Or just bah, humbug?