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There seems to be more trouble in the ranks of camp-Beyoncé as of late.

One of the megastar's backing singers has accused the 17-time Grammy winner of plagiarising a song.

The hit XO is, according to claims made by backing singer Ahmad Lane, a copied version of his own song XOXO. XO was the first single released from Beyoncé’s incredibly successful self-titled album back in 2013.

However, Beyoncé has hit back at the $7 million (€6.2 million) lawsuit by claiming that the two songs have no similarities aside from their names.

The lawsuit was filed in 2014 with Mr. Lane claiming that while working with backing singer Chrissy Collins, he played his track for her. He alleges that Ms. Collins then passed the song on to Beyoncé, who incorporated the song into her own hit track.

The allegation is being denied by Beyoncé, and in legal documents which have been obtained by Radar Online, the singer dubbed the claims "vague and cryptic."

These documents state that "the two works at issue are entirely different songs that share no lyrical or musical similarity, other than perhaps the letters X and O." But an attorney for Beyoncé has pointed out to the court the lack of similarities between the tracks when they are played.

This isn’t the first track from the hit album that has generated legal issues for the multi-platinum recording artist.

Last year it was alleged to have taken certain parts of the track Bajba, Bajba Pelem from Hungarian singer Mitsou. The singer claimed that Beyoncé was using her vocal recordings in the opening of her song Drunk in Love without obtaining permission beforehand.

Beyoncé’s team has described her, in a most flattering way, as "an enormously successful entertainer, songwriter, recording artist, actress, music producer, winning 17 Grammy Awards and selling more than 118 million albums as a solo artist and a further 60 million albums with the recording group Destiny's Child.”

They put down the allegations that Ms. Knowles would need to take the work of any other artists and want the case from Mr. Lane to be thrown out with him being awarded nothing.



Beyoncé is known for always putting on an amazing show.

After her Drunk In Love performance with husband Jay-Z silenced the crowd at this year’s Grammys, we couldn’t wait to see what Queen B had in store for us for her hit single XO.

Disappointing? Well you tell us!