Celebrity make-up free selfies are taking centre stage at the moment as more and more Hollywood stars are going bare-faced for Instagram

Whether they are completely cosmetic-free, we don't know, but we have to say, most of them do look damn good. 

We look at the best of the best from some of the hottest stars; but let us just consider – are they real or fake? 

Beyoncé – Real

We figure Queen Bey is definitely make-up free in this one. 


Kylie Jenner – Fake

Well, apart from the fake eyelashes, plumped lips and HD brows – we think the rest of her face might be make-up free.


Miley Cyrus – Real

Miley is a wild one and clearly doesn't care if people see her with or without make-up – because from last weeks antics she clearly doesn't care if people see her with or without clothes. 


Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Kate Hudson – Real

These bare-faced beauties look so good, they might as well go without make-up to all their red carpet events. 


Cara Delevingne – Real

We all know Cara is probably the most low-maintenance model around so this selfie is certainly cosmetic-free. The rat is kind of creepy though. 


Georgia May-Jagger – Real

Not a scratch of face paint here! But there is a really cut puppy to make up for it!


Tyra Banks – Real

Tyra shows how it's done with the ultimate #WokeUpLikeThis selfie. It's good to see she has a sense of humour about it. 


Sofia Vergara – Undecided

She is very gorgeous but we can't help but think there's a little coverage here – or perhaps it's just a great IG filter


Gigi Hadid – Real

She's young and beautiful; why would she even need make-up?


Kim Kardashian – Fake

Same deal as Kylie. With her luscious lashes and plucked-to-the-core brows, we say she might she's in the middle of the #WokeUpLikeThis scale. 


Drew Barrymore – Real

We don't think we've seen Drew this fresh faced in a while; and she looks a lot younger without make-up too!


Lady Gaga – Real

She is a COMPLETELY different person. We think she even looks better without all the flashy war paint that she constantly wears!