We've all been there: desperately trying to remember a great film we saw way back.

Even worse – trying to explain to a friend that one of your favourite cinematic classics involves 'yer man the famous guy with the head and the hat and he has a horse but the horse dies'.

However, there now is a glorious website that is pretty much the answer to all our movie conundrums. 

Step forward What Is My Movie. Simply type in any key-words that come to mind and then sit back and watch it muster up an answer. We've been playing with it all morning and suffice to say that it's scarily accurate. 

Developed by Finnish startup Valossa, a company founded by computer science researchers and engineers from Finland’s University of Oulu, the site is fast becoming one of the most enjoyable ways to narrow down your Netflix choices.

And are some of our results from earlier:


1) Homeward Bound


2) Titanic 


3) Bruce Almighty


4) Harry Potter


5) Pirates of the Caribbean


6) Ben Hur


7) Clueless