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If you're a Vodafone customer and have encountered connection difficulties today, you are not alone.

Twitter users have been quick to flag the problem with the network this morning, and enquired into the team's progress rectifying the matter.

Vodafone have taken to Twitter to confirm that they are indeed experiencing technical issues this morning, and sought to assure customers that the matter is currently under investigation.

"Thanks for the tweet," they replied to one customer. "We’re aware of an issue that is impacting our customers’ ability to send and receive text messages."

Responding to requests for updates, a spokesperson for Vodafone wrote: "I can confirm that this issue is currently under investigation with our network crew, apologies for any inconvenience caused."



If you're a Vodafone user who has been struggling to make or receive calls today, you're not alone.

Taking to Twitter to highlight the issue with the mobile network, members of the public have requested assistance from the company as well as information into the matter.

According to social media, customers have been struggling to properly access the network, with one Twitter user explaining: "Every time I try and call out it says "call failed". Rebooted phone and same is happening. Is there an outage?"

"Phones keep saying call failed. Initially to mobile now landlines too. Is there a #Vodafone outage?" asked another.

According to reports, Vodafone is currently investigating the matter and working to resolve the issue.



We all have a love/hate relationship with our mobile network, but news that has just surfaced might permanently switch you over to the hate side.

Four of Ireland's largest telecommunications businesses were served enforcement actions for breaking consumer law last year.

According to a new Watchdog report, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) said that Vodafone, Meteor, Three and UPC failed to adequately notify consumers of their rights regarding cancelling contracts they entered into online or over the phone.

The network companies are also said to have misled customers about their legal rights to cancel distance contracts.

A total of 62 enforcements were served under these breaches to the traders last year.

So, it might be worthwhile checking out your contract now ladies. 


Everyone these days seems to have serious affection for emojis. Every time an updated collection is announced the whole internet rejoices at the prospect of finally being able to use a unicorn in their everyday conversations. 

Taking this love of animated characters into account, Vodafone Ireland has launched their #BeStrong initiative to help combat the problem of cyberbullying. 

A survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Vodafone found that one in every four Irish teenagers has been cyber-bullied. 29 per cent of those teenagers admitted to feeling completely alone and 25 per cent revealed that as a result of cyber-bullying they had experienced suicidal thoughts. 

However, nine out of ten teens said that they would find it easier to cope with bullies if they had the support of their friends on social media. While many said they would find it hard to find the right words to use to show support to a friend being bullied, 74 per cent of Irish teens said they would use an emoji to express support for their friend.

The #BeStrong campaign aims to provide teens with a collection of emojis which they can use to show each other support online when. Vodafone CEO Anne O'Leary explained: 

"It is difficult for young people to show compassion and support for their friends in words if they are being bullied online. We have all been tongue-tied teenagers at some stage and have difficulty expressing what we feel. I hope that our research and the new emojis will be of some help in the battle against cyber bullying."

The emojis chosen for the campaign were selected by the 5,000 teens surveyed. The selection was designed by Vodafone and its anti-bullying panel which  Berkeley University Professor Dacher Keltner – the psychologist who advised on the creation of the characters for Pixar film Inside Out

The emojis are available for download  and there is also a special video that highlights the importance of teens being able to support one another through instances of bullying.


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