University College Cork has been awarded the University of Sanctuary status which will allow the facility to provide seven asylum seekers with full scholarships.

UCC is following in the footsteps of Dublin City University and the University of Limerick, who were also given the status by the Places of Sanctuary, Ireland.

Commenting on the significance of the status, Professor Caroline Fennel, UCC senior vice president, stresses that it's indicative of the need to support refugees on both a local and international level.

"Universities provide a key space in which to challenge societal assumptions and to support and highlight work aimed at fostering a culture of welcome for asylum seekers and refugees," she said.

"Through the range of initiatives cultivated over many years in UCC, we are dedicated to providing spaces to learn about what sanctuary means, to develop a sustainable culture of welcome and to share our practices and initiatives with communities and other higher education institutions"

The status will be provided in September 2018 and will cover fees, tuition and travel expenses for the seven chosen students.