She’s never been one to mince her words, but this time Sharon Osbourne may have gone a little too far.

The former X Factor judge has admitted she can’t stand talent shows!

Sharon said she’s sick of judging other people’s talent, and listening to the contestant’s “sob stories.”

Sharon said, “If one more person stands up in front of me and sings… I’ve had it with people singing at me. I have had it with people singing on TV.

“And they’ve all got something wrong – they have either got one lung, one kidney, or they came up like this or that. They’ve all got somebody sick in hospital.

“It’s like, ‘Oh lord, just shut up and sing’. But when they sing, it’s like ‘please stop it.’”

She went on to slam talent show judges and their “fake tears.”

“If I see another judge cry… and as soon as they go out the door we burst out laughing,” said Sharon

The X Factor wasn’t the only show Sharon hit out at.

Speaking about The Voice she said, “They are making it out like it is just The Voice. Well hold on here, if ‘you are butt ugly and 9000 pounds’, what are we going to do with you?”

Don’t hold back Sharon!