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Find out which Made in Chelsea star got in trouble with the police.


This young chap caught it all on film while he was trying to take a selfie of himself with the passing train. Viewer discretion is advised.



Trains are the perfect way to truly see a country up close and these reasons will show you exactly why we absolutely love travelling this way.

You’re going to want to ditch the plane ticket in favour of a train ticket after reading this.

  1. You don’t need to turn up four hours before it leaves the station – airports, we’re looking at you.
  2. You can bring bottles that contain more than 100mls (oh the joy!) and they don’t need to be squashed into a tiny plastic bag.
  3. You can use your phone so you’re free to Facebook stalk as you please.
  4. If you’re sitting beside a particularly annoying person you can simply up and move – yay!
  5. You can bring your own food and drink.
  6. When you look out of the window you will see more than clouds and a 35,000ft drop….
  7. The train journey can become a holiday in itself.

Inter-railing anyone?