As temperatures soar across Ireland and the UK, many office workers have been tasked with finding outfits that are both office appropriate and suitable for the heat.

With highs of 34 degrees in London yesterday you can understand why one 20-year-old office worker opted for a pair of smart shorts over his normal shirt and slacks combination.

Taking to Twitter, Joey Barge asked his followers, "If women can wear skirts/dresses at work can I wear smart shorts like so?"   

However, his attempt to be comfortable at work proved unsuccessful when he was sent home less than half an hour later for not following the company's strict dress code.   

Joey said: "The office is so hot and I sweat so much and feel uncomfortable."

"I'm fuming. A quarter of the office are wearing vest tops and skirts/dresses…"

So, what did he do next?

Went home and put on one of his mother's dresses, of course. 

We have to hand it to him , he really embraced the new look.

Joey predicted he would be sent home again, but much to his surprise, his stunt actually seemed to have work. 

Or at least kind of. 

Late on that day he returned to Twitter to post an office email that had been sent out, outlining the new dress code. 

Not all heroes were capes – but a lot of them wear dresses.