The creator of the much-loved soap Coronation Street has sadly passed away.

ITV revealed that the former writer of the soap died peacefully over night and was surrounded by his friends and family.

Everyone who worked with Tony through the years, including past and present actors were heartbroken on hearing the news this morning.

Tony imagined the Manchester-based soap at the age of 24 and remained a consultant on the show until the day he died.

John Whiston, Creative Director, Soaps for ITV Studios paid a moving tribute to Tony: “Amid the many and much deserved tributes to Tony Warren, surely there can be no greater tribute than that the show he created 56 years ago is still the number one show on British TV.

"Tony infused Coronation Street with his own spirit, one that was at the same time dramatic and credible, exciting and grounded, funny and humane. It is Tony's spirit that has kept the show fresh and relevant all these years and will do for years to come.

"All who are lucky enough to work on the show owe Tony a huge amount of gratitude. As do all the millions who tune into Coronation Street week after week.”