Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the world through the eyes of a pixie?

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Well, thanks to the wonderful humans at House of Lashes, your dream can now become a reality!

The company, who specialise in creating gorgeous fake eyelashes, have released a special line of lashes that are inspired by Tinker Bell. 

Known for her sass and charm, Tinker Bell is probably the most famous pixie ever, and also a good friend of Peter Pan… what's not to love?

The lashes come as part of an AMAZING set, called the Tinker Bell Treasure Collection, which costs €71.

Tinker Bell Treasure Collection

The set includes three sets of Tink-inspired lashes, a Tinker Bell lash case, eyelash glue and a gorgeous lilac treasure chest. 

If this set is a bit too pricey, fear not, as you can also purchase the eyelashes individually for just €12 a pop. 

We are so obsessed with these!