Contrary to popular belief, the female mind is NOT that difficult to decipher. Most of the time, we are perfectly reasonable human beings.

But there ARE a few things we don't like to be crossed on. 

Here are a few things we wish every man knew…

1. Not every bad mood is a result of PMS
And even if we are PMSing, saying "You're on your period, is it?" is NOT the way to make us chill out.


2. Even if we're private souls at heart, we will still tell our friends everything
Especially when it comes to our sex lives. Sorry lads.


3. Sometimes only a hug from our mam can help
Cos she's the best.


4. If we answer the question "are you okay?" with "YES, I'M FINE"… we're probably not
That's your cue to probe further or run far, far away.


5. The only response to "Do I look fat?" should be an immediate "NO."
Ross Gellar had the right idea.


6. Sometimes we want sex juuuust as much as you
And we're gonna get it, too.


7. Yes, we might take 15 minutes longer than you to get ready, but please don't try to rush us
We need a calm and steady hand for this gel eyeliner so stress is not welcome right now.


8. Little things mean much more to us than big romantic gestures
A cup of tea and a kiss on the cheek? Perfection.