The minute you arrived home from school, homework would have to wait because it was time for you to settle yourself in front of the TV to watch all that Nickelodeon had to offer.

Hey! Arnold, The Rugrats and Catdog were among the favourite shows that filled our blissfully-free afternoons.

Well, if you were a fan of these shows, we have BIG news.

A new Nickelodeon campaign has been flooding social media recently, and it’s hinting towards a new channel dedicated only to 90’s Nick TV shows.

Yes, we’re jumping for joy too.

The Splat is the rumoured name of the new channel as it has been popping up all over Instagram and Twitter lately. 

A video was posted on YouTube last week, featuring a montage of all the Nick cartoons, promising The Splat is will be here soon. 

This was then accompanied by a website, as well as the array of social media accounts. 

While nothing has been confirmed, it’s enough to send the Internet and Nick fans into a complete frenzie.