We are a little disappointed because we have just managed to overcome the fascination of matching shoes and handbags.

It takes a lot for us to part with our favourite cosmetics and a night out is not an occasion where we are willing to leave them behind. Three separate lip glosses in varying shades are a must and don’t you dare try and tell us otherwise.

Then someone comes along and invents this gem and it’s all over, done.

The Sassy Stash is exactly the kind of accessory you dream up when you’re stuck in traffic in a taxi and can’t for the life of you get your clutch to close. Don’t pretend you haven’t been there.


A photo posted by #mysassystash (@mysassystash) on Lucky for us then, this lace garter with inbuilt pockets has come along to ensure you never lose anything again. Keeping your phone strapped to your leg for safe keeping just got- dare we say it, kind-of stylish?

It’s not the worst looking gadget we’ve come across in recent times. Clearly the Sassy Stash is designed with just the bare essentials in mind however.


A photo posted by #mysassystash (@mysassystash) on

We don’t think you’ll be trying to strap your new camera to your thigh next weekend, there’s also the issue of keys. That might not be the most comfortable when you’re doing your best Beyoncé moves in the club.

We think that there is certainly potential for this to take off, but there might be some things to take into consideration.