Eimears and Eamons of the world, rejoice!

In celebration of the uniquely Irish names, one Dublin pub is offering all those that bare them a free lunch from 10am to 3:30pm every day this week.

The Back Page pub in Phibsborough, Dublin, took to Facebook to make the announcement.

The post reads: “Is your name Eimear or Eamon? If so, you're in luck this week. Anyone whose first name is Eimear or Eamon – and who has the photo ID to prove it – can get a free breakfast/brunch/lunch on us.”

“Cafe open from 10am to 3:30pm every day, get tagging.”

It looks like these guys are making their way through the alphabet, (last week was Deirdre and Dermot), so make sure to like the page to see if your name pops up.

We guessing there's a lot of Fionas and Fergals out there eagerly awaiting next week's big reveal.