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Lately, we've been hearing a lot about the pitfalls of social media, but now, science has confirmed it: staying away from the "reality distorting" Facebook is likely to increase your happiness. 

A study carried out in Denmark has revealed that even as little as a week away from the social networking site could increase your satisfaction in life and significantly reduce stress. 

Researchers from the Danish Happiness Research Institute (yep, that's actually a place) divided a group of 1,095 people, aged between 16-76, into two groups. 

One group was given their usual access to the site, and the other shut down their profiles for a week. 

“Facebook is a constant bombardment of everyone else’s great news, but many of us look out of the window and see grey skies and rain,” Meik Wiking, CEO of the Institute, tells The Guardian

“This makes the Facebook world, where everyone’s showing their best side, seem even more distortedly bright by contrast, so we wanted to see what happened when users took a break.”

Before and after the experiment took place, the participants were asked to rate their life satisfaction out of ten. They also had to comment on how active their social lives were, how good their day-to-day concentration was and if they compared themselves to others.

The resulting study, The Facebook Experiment: Does social media affect the quality of our lives? revealed that those who abstained from the social network had a higher life appreciation, a richer social life and fewer difficulties when concentrating. 

Sophie Anne Dornoy, 35, took part in the study and said: “My to-do list was getting done faster than normal as I spent my time more productively. I also felt a sort of calmness from not being confronted by Facebook all the time.”

“It felt good to know that the world doesn’t end without Facebook and that people are still able to reach you,” she says.


Twitter has just announced that it is changing its favourite button for a like button – but many Twitter users have reacted badly to it online. 

Since the social network began, it has used a favourite button, which we have all become VERY used to. 

Favouriting a tweet could mean, "I find this tweet funny" or "this is good, but not good enough to retweet." It could also mean "I acknowledge your tweet, but can't be bothered to reply" or "I want to end this conversation, but on a positive note!" Favouriting is also a great way to bookmark something you want to read later in the day.

Now, however, we won't know what to do if any of the above situation arise. #Unlike.

And since Twitter announced the change, the Internet has been going MENTAL. Here are some users that haven't taken the news very well… 



In this day and age, we LOVE our social networks, but one of them trumps all others.

In a new study published in the journal Information, Communication & Society, has found that Snapchat makes people happier than any other social network.

Researchers from the University of Michigan enlisted 154 college students who used smartphones and texted them six times a day over a two-week period.

When the students received the text, they had to answer a survey about their latest social interactions – like who they were with, how supportive they were and how they felt at that moment. 

The researchers found that when participants had Snapchat interactions, they felt more positive emotions than when they had Facebook interactions.

They also found that the students paid more attention to Snapchat messages. 

The reason might be because people don't feel as insecure about how to present themselves on Snapchat, since the images disappear in a couple of seconds. 

But in general, the participants found that Snapchat is similar to face-to-face interactions with a friend, since the messages come day-to-day and not recorded for anyone else to see.